Wie lautet der css-code, um ein Bild zu zentrieren?

Wie kann ich ein Bild mittig platziere und den Text drum herumfließen lasse. Gibt es dafür vielleicht auch ein Beispiel?

Der hier verwendete Code

<style> img { width: 50%; max-width: 400px; float: left; margin: 1em 1em 1em 0; border-radius: 50%; shape-outside: circle(); } </style> <h1>Circle Dog: The Simplest CSS Shapes Demo Ever</h1> <img src="/image/mag.jpg" alt="photo of a dog carrying a circle"> <p>This is a short bio about a dog who likes circles. So much in fact, this dog is carrying a giant circle by mouth. Actually this bio needs to be long to make a good demo. Puppy ipsum dolor sit good dog house train cage. Ball wag tail scratch kitten bird food toy pet food ball field foot pet supplies ball vaccine aquatic. Maine Coon Cat hamster catch water dog ferret warm. Litter critters twine leash walk tongue. Spike stick canary lick roll over leash right paw wet nose food bird. Kibble speak nap meow cage foot park polydactyl throw walk Fido Spike harness. Lick birds play dead run litter mouse window shake aquarium fluffy carrier warm. Chow nap bird dog swimming ball. Licks dog wagging grooming behavior tail fur swimming. Fur tongue right paw speak nap wet nose running toys slobbery toy running water hamster pet supplies parakeet. Field stripes teeth kibble bird food vitamins commands warm parrot pet catch tuxedo string shake grooming warm. Canary mouse feeder kibble pet food vitamins heel running food drool chow tongue lick parakeet tabby bird seed scratch food biscuit wet nose. Litter parrot toy drool water house train biscuit chew good boy running chow lol catz food string finch parrot wagging aquatic bird seed fluffy. Finch collar toys Rover litter box play. Bed Tigger gimme five grooming litter box twine hamster turtle bark lick. Dragging whiskers scratch treats run fast swimming tongue throw warm biscuit Snowball run wag tail tabby. Groom barky dog Mittens paws slobbery cage Snowball food feeder walk mouse feeder treats barky.Field canary treats chew collar lol catz brush yawn. Gimme Five cockatiel chirp cat stick Snowball bedding fluffy fetch lazy dog aquarium nest pet gate groom dog tooth. Pet Supplies stripes field kibble aquarium Snowball run pet gate water aquatic drool kitty slobber tongue play string kibble catch tail finch. Lazy Dog scratch fleas drool cat pet food polydactyl bird seed smooshy lol catz dog house. Run string shake heel crate nap ferret head bed pet kisses twine scratcher critters scratch ball toy. Spike wagging gimme five twine field drool vitamins cage scratcher litter box walk pet supplies meow cage paws fur twine. Stripes tabby head aquatic wag tail dog house. Aquarium leash Scooby snacks polydactyl Mittens dog behavior harness gimme five water paws fluffy fleas vaccine hamster puppy twine maine coon cat. Behavior walk feathers maine coon cat kibble wagging warm tuxedo bird seed litter paws finch vitamins walk Buddy ball warm vitamins wet nose litter. Window furry pet supplies cat head cockatiel whiskers swimming puppy fish.Running dinnertime aquatic slobber field Mittens brush water dog groom meow cage bird seed wag tail bird chow. Rover slobbery crate chew fur lazy cat Fido field scratcher slobbery pet collar fetch lol catz vitamins. Polydactyl birds house train fleas water dog feeder house train Rover stick. Right Paw scratcher park drool toy bird bird food slobber Spike teeth tabby run fast commands speak fur. Dog House dinnertime.</p>